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Database Studies >> Finances of Government of India

Central Government Finances - 15/12/2014
For more information you may go to EPWRF India Time Series (EPWRFITS)


Finances of Government of India - 31/07/2005
By now the government of India’s latest budget for 2005-06 has already been dissected and commented upon by various research scholars and commentators in this journal and elsewhere. Being the first full budget of the new United Progressive Alliance (UPA)


Finances of Government of India - 10/05/2003
There is no doubt that the latest central government budget for 2003-04, particularly when judged against the policy discourses that took place around the budget time, has further widened the gulf between promise and reality. The fiscal reform is one area

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Finances of Government of India - 13/04/2002
Intense debate has been taking place in literature in regard to the nature and quality of fiscal adjustment that has been carried out in India since the beginning of the 1990s. There is no doubt that the adjustment process has faced a chequered path. Th

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Finances of Government of India - 14/04/2001
An attempt has been made to present, in the following set of 10 statistical tables, a synoptic view of the Government of India’s budgetary operations during the past decade or so. These data are in nominal numbers, and with a view to establishing compara

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