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Sameeksha Trust
sameeksha trust publications
The Sameeksha Trust series of volumes, comprising selections of articles from Economic and Political Weekly, brings together contributions by different authors on a specific theme as well as the writings of a single author on an inter-related range of issues.

  • Ideals, Images and Real Lives: Women in Literature and History
    Edited by: Alice Thorner and Maithreyi Krishnaraj

  • Money and Finance: Issues, Institutions, Policies
    Edited by: Deena Khatkhate

  • Industrial Growth and Stagnation: The Debate in India
    Edited by: Deepak Nayyar

  • Pauperising Agriculture: Studies in Agrarian Change and Demographic Structure
    Edited by: N Krishnaji

  • Poverty and Income Distribution
    Edited by K S Krishnaswamy

  • Agrarian Relations and Accumulation: The 'Mode of Production' Debate in India
    Edited by: Utsa Patnaik

  • The Retarded Economies: Foreign Domination and Class Relations in India and Other Emerging Nations
    Edited by: Nirmal Kumar Chandra

  • Centre-State Budgetary Transfers
    Edited by: I S Gulati

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